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Have you ever tried to get something that you shouldn't through customs? Frankly, I don't know how people summon the nerve. Whether it's illegal drugs, exotic animal meat or counterfeit purses, people will try to smuggle just about anything. And everyone seems to have their own favourite hiding places. But if any of your favourites are on the list below, you might want to rethink your life choices.


Passing fields of soy, corn and towering bleach-white windmills fanning out across windy plains, I arrive early one morning somewhere between Chicago and Indianapolis at a place that promises "sow much fun".


You know how we all jokingly but sort of seriously say we don't want to know how the wonderful tubular meat hot dog glue sausage is made? This claymation video of the life of a gestation crate pig completely ruins that, because it reveals how awful pigs are treated before they're turned into pork. It's a video that's somehow more powerful because it smartly uses clay to show you how terrible the whole process is instead of shocking you with bloody gorey imagery.


Fresh-smoked New Year's Ham! Yum! I smoke a lot, have about every thermometer available, but for tonight's dinner, I'm trying something different: iGrill, the iOS-enabled meat thermometer. So far it's tons better than sitting in my yard staring at the smoker.


If you're a discerning eater, you know the age-old mantra: everything's better with bacon. Out in Germany, they've really taken it to heart, and have made fabric gadget cases that look like they're constructed out of every gentile's favourite pork product. The Bacon Case seems to come in different sizes, at least one of which can fit the iPhone, and is selling for 25 Euro. The description's all in German, and I don't know what or who a "Fr├╝hst├╝cksspeck" is, but the case is "Absolute Trendtasche!!!" and who am I to argue with that? More pictures after the jump.


Some men build skyscrapers. Some men build pyramids. And some men, really, really great men, build gigantic BBQ trailers. The winner of Crutchfield's "You Dream It We'll Help You Build It" contest, Michael Seville took his late father's three metre long galvanised propane tank and mounted it as the chief component of this 5.2 metre mobile BBQ. Then he stuffed the rest of the platform with electronics.