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When it comes to things that live on your keychain, smaller is pretty much always better. So a bottle opener that weighs basically nothing, and as is as small as your fingernail, sounds like a pretty great deal.

DigiLife's DDV-JF1 pocket camcorder rocks mostly the same features as other mini-cams like the Flip HD, including 720p recording and a 2.5-inch LCD. But it's got a trick up its sleeve—a 640x360 pico projector built right in. No word on price or availability yet, though.

Admit it - there's not a single thing on this planet you want more than a pocket sized projector. You want the freedom to broadcast your porn collection powerpoint presentations to the world whether they're interested or not via the wonders of a low resolution low powered portable device. Well, 3M knows this, and are releasing the MPro110 in Australia for the paltry asking price of $649!