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In 2006, then-New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg issued an executive order establishing the Office of Special Enforcement, a citywide agency responsible for enforcing "quality of life" regulations -- a nebulous, ideologically charged concept that refers to anything from music venues with too many noise complaints to nightclubs that facilitate prostitution to decrepit structures that pose a fire hazard.

Palantir is one of the most secretive tech firms in Silicon Valley. Its clients include the FBI, the NSA and the CIA, as well as companies like JPMorgan Chase, Walmart and Credit Suisse. The 12-year-old big data firm has received $US2.7 billion ($3.6 billion) in funding, and at a valuation of $US25 billion ($33.5 billion), it's considered the fourth most valuable startup in the world behind Uber, Xiaomi and Airbnb.