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In its latest display of public penitence in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook released a new ad acknowledging past fuckups while promising to do better. Titled "Facebook Here Together" - an apparent reference to our everlasting blood pact with the social media giant -- the video serves as the company's most explicit admission yet that, yes, the website kind of turned to shit.

Roughly 87 million people had their Facebook data stolen by the political research firm Cambridge Analytica. And starting today, Facebook will finally notify the people who had their information scooped up. About 70 million are in the US, while the rest are primarily in the UK, Indonesia and the Philippines, but there are over 300,000 Australians affected.

Did you ever record a video on Facebook to post directly to your friend's wall, only to discard the take and film a new version? You may have thought those embarrassing draft versions were deleted, but Facebook kept a copy. The company is blaming it on a "bug" and swears that it's going to delete those discarded videos now. They pinkie promise this time.