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Running a game of Dungeons & Dragons, or any tabletop role-playing game, involves telling your players what they see. Players rely on you to give a sense of tone and ambience, but also to point out anything interesting or relevant to their quest. But they also need you to leave the room to ask and explore. A good game master learns how to describe a scene in enough, but not too much, detail.

One way to learn that skill, says Redditor non_player on r/RPG, is to turn audio descriptions on when watching movies and TV shows.

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I still remember when it was an accepted argument that gaming was an antisocial activity. "Go outside nerds," was the common style of refrain you'd hear on a school playground. It's the kind of argument that still gets trotted out today from people who have little experience of gaming, and even less appreciation for the complexity of games.

Sleeping on the weekends is rough. My apartment is across the street from a bar that grows only louder and more crowded in the height of summer, so a good Saturday night snooze is usually out of the question. Raucous drinkers, the thump of the bass from the building, and the sound of my air conditioner create a cacophony nearly impossible to ignore. I'm not a fan. But Bose thinks its "Sleepbuds," white noise masking earbuds designed to be worn during sleep, can help alleviate the issue without resorting to the tried and true noise-cancelling technology used in some of its headphones. I get the appeal, but can a $379 white noise generator jammed in my ear canal really solve my sleeping problems?

Last week, Samsung gave us a brief glimpse into what the future of Bixby might look like. We bore witness to the Galaxy Home -- a smart speaker containing useful functionality that may be capable of challenging Amazon and Google for AI Assistant domination.

Considering Bixby's shocking track record thus far, this probably came as a bit of a surprise.

But sadly, we don't know when the Galaxy Home will be available. So what is the deal with Bixby until then? What could Samsung do in the short term to improve what is possibly the industry's most hated assistant?

Give it the voice of Samsung's CEO DJ Koh.

If there’s someone who encapsulates Mobb Deep lyric “only 19 but my mind is old” better than Amandla Stenberg right now, you’d be hard pressed to find them.

The teenager is leading the way when it comes to a new generation of celebrity, with her activism sitting prominently alongside her work as an actress in films like sci-fi blockbuster The Darkest Minds.

Since the beginning, the big honking screens on Galaxy Note phones have been their most memorable characteristic. But as the rest of the smartphone world caught onto the jumbo display trend and screen sizes from various makers started to converge around six-inch displays, the throne on which Samsung’s Note phones lorded over lesser devices just didn’t have the same kind of sway. So now, the question is: What’s the purpose of a big arse flagship handset in 2018, especially one that starts at pearl-clutching price of $1,499?

In its heyday, the Fitbit Charge was, for most people, the best wearable you could buy. It was incredibly functional, focused, and attractive enough to only gently scream your fitness aspirations to whoever caught a glimpse of it on your wrist.

That was long ago, before smartwatches got sleeker, slimmer and more capable — before they started making traditional wearables look like pharmacy gadgets.

They who control the spice control the game. In anticipation of Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune, Legendary Entertainment and Frank Herbert’s estate (under the company name Herbert Properties LLC) have announced they’ve teamed up with Gale Force Nine to produce a series of board games set in the Dune universe. The first one, a tabletop role-playing game, is set to come out next year.

Alex Jones, America’s most unhinged vitamin salesman, has been temporarily suspended from Twitter. The social media company has sent Jones to what users call “Twitter jail”, meaning that he can’t publish any tweets for the next seven days. The InfoWars Twitter account, which has just over 400,000 followers, has also been suspended.