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A team of scientists is warning that the double whammy of a naturally recurring weather pattern and rising temperatures is triggering dramatic melting on the Greenland ice sheet — a problem the researchers liken to recent global coral bleaching events, which have been fuelled by the one-two punch of El Niño and climate change.

Welcome back to Gaming Shelf, our regular column all about the latest in tabletop and roleplaying game news — focusing on sci-fi and fantasy stuff, of course. Toy Fair 2019 is on the horizon, and we will be there! In the meantime, we’ve got plenty of newly announced games for 2019, including a Kickstarter for a brand-new TMNT release and a revival of a classic spy game. Let’s dive in and see what we find.

The odd orbital arrangements of objects beyond Neptune have led scientists to speculate about the existence of a so-called Planet Nine — a hypothetical large planet in the outer reaches of the Solar System. New research suggests a planet isn’t required to achieve the anomalous orbits, and that a massive ring of debris is a more plausible explanation. Critics of the proposed disk say more evidence is needed.

“Poor Yellow. Her impurities absorb all the blue in her light. She’s so strong, but so weak when it comes to Blue. Oh, and Blue. Her impurities soak up all of the warmth in her spectrum. She thinks she needs you, Pink.” That, dear readers, is what we in the business commonly refer to as damned good writing.

Project Torino, is a Microsoft-developed programming language that taught visually impaired kids the basics of coding. Along with a new, smaller Classroom Pen to accompany the Microsoft Surface Go, the tech powerhouse continues to push new frontiers.

A California family said they got the scare of a lifetime this past weekend when their smart security cameras began falsely warning of three North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles headed to Los Angeles, Chicago, and Ohio. Thankfully, the missile warning was a hoax. Less comforting was the fact that the family’s Nest security cameras had been hacked.

The Commonwealth Bank has joined ANZ as the second of the big four banks to support Apple Pay for its customers. From today, CBA and Bankwest personal debit and credit cards can be added to Apple Pay as the bank seems to have settled its differences with Apple over how transaction fees are shared.

The European Union has spent the last year working on a controversial overhaul of its copyright laws and was scheduled to finalise the proposal on Monday. Lawmakers failed to come to an agreement and the legislation is stalled for the time being, but that hasn’t stopped Google from threatening to pull its News service from the EU entirely if the copyright directive eventually passes.

Partitioning your hard drive sounds like a technically involved task that most people don’t need to bother with—but it’s actually relatively simple to do, doesn’t have to cost you any money, and can make your computing life easier and more productive. Here are the advantages of a partitioned hard drive, and why you might want to do it.

Jigsaw, an experimental incubator project at Google tasked with trying to solve problems in the tech world, has set a phishing test to see how easily we can be scammed. The test is free and well worth the few minutes it will take as it not only tests whether you can tell the difference between legitimate and phishing email but also educates you on the differences.