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Looking for something a little more interesting than a YouTube playlist of cooking shows? We've had a revolution over the last couple of years in streaming video services on the 'net, and that means it's easier than ever to sit Here's a list of every major TV catch-up service, and every subscription streaming website or app for movies and TV, available to Aussies.


Netflix lets you set up a maximum of five different logins on your account, and this typically lets you grant access to someone else in the family or means you can keep the kids' viewing history (and recommendations) separate from your own. However, even if you're the only person who uses your Netflix account, these extra user logins can still come in handy.


Movie studios are betting you're crazy impulsive when it comes to picking what movie you want to watch. Apparently, many movie titles are selected purely on alphabetical prioritisation, so that they'll pop up higher on your on-demand menu. If your movie isn't good art, you've got to make an art out of the business side of filmmaking.


Apple has been struggling with the big bad content and cable companies of late over what it wants the future of Apple TV to be, which it sees as an a la carte streaming future. Now we're getting details on what it'll likely be from the WSJ: a cloud-based DVR that lets you watch any show on demand.


The 3D hype train keeps thundering along, but the number of content passengers riding it can still be counted on a single hand. But there's good news for anyone looking for more 3D to watch on their new TVs, with Foxtel today announcing that the Universal animated hit Despicable Me will be available in 3D On Demand from January 27.


Netflix streaming has been making waves with its wide, fast integration into just about anything that'll have it, and the reception has been generally positive. As has been the pattern for the last decade, Blockbuster is slightly but embarrassingly behind: according to company Chairman Jim Keyes, we'll be seeing Blockbuster's download-to-rent service in a Blu-ray player by Q1 of next year. It's not clear if this will come in the form of a firmware update for existing hardware or as part of a new player, but it'll need to be fairly ubiquitous (and probably lower its rental prices) to have a fighting chance against the 'Flix.

AU: Important to note that here in Oz where we don't get Netflix, BlockBuster is partnering with TiVo for their video on demand service which is already running in limited form and is set to expand in May next year.