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Men and women in uniform got the total shaft on Olympics coverage this year. Like everyone else, active duty members of the armed forces and other agencies overseas have to watch NBC's infuriating tape-delayed broadcasts. Even if they're on bases in Europe, where they could otherwise watch the events live on local TV.


If you were wondering why so many of the track and field athletes at the Olympics were wearing bright green shoes, here's your answer: they're all Nike athletes. Nike has decided to go uniform across the globe on bright green shoes to grab your attention (and your dollars). It's probably working.


Every time the Olympics invades a city, its topography is transformed by an influx of impressive new buildings erected for the event. In the case of London, most will eventually be torn down. It's an incredible feat of design and engineering to build structures that can be both quickly built and disassembled. In this video the architects behind the Olympic Stadium, 115m Orbit observation tower, and the Coca-Cola-sponsored Beatbox installation describe their concepts.