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Word from Kotaku is the Xbox Live NXE preview beta thing going on now features smaller game install sizes. Not one of the more exciting features, sure, but if you're the type of gamer who enjoys seeing their games boot up a few second fast than usual it's gravy.

Anyone who's upgraded to the New Xbox Experience knows that it gives a run on Wii's money as far as personal iconography is concerned. I just learned that you can look up peoples' avatars—as long as you have a gamertag of someone you love or hate, plug it in here and you'll see just how amazing or lame their gaming persona is. If you've known about this for a million years, well, I'm sorry. You are awesome. Forgive my lateness. And yeah, for those wondering, that's my half-assed attempt at self-representation right there.

Jasper, the next version of the Xbox 360 motherboard, has been leaked and apparently it comes with new unannounced goodies. Apart from the rumoured 65nm graphics processing unit--the unit uses a 150W power supply, 25W less than before, which signals a lower consumption most probably caused by the reduced GPU footprint--the new units allegedly come with a new south bridge and, surprise surprise, a 256MB flash memory chip for internal storage.

According to a long thread at the AVForums, several Xbox 360 users are losing all sound after upgrading to the New Xbox Experience. Apparently, the problem only appears in HDMI-connected systems. but there has been one report of someone having the same problem using a SCART connector. Fortunately, there seems to be a fix.

Reports from the front lines regarding the Xbox 360's 'New Xbox Experience' update are just coming in, and so far, so good. We've heard that updates are taking as little as five minutes (including download and installation), which isn't bad at all. The only technical glitch we've heard about is that Netflix device activation went down for a bit, but it seems to be working now. Share your own experience in the comments and let us know if your system bricked or something so we can all have a good laugh. Also, be sure to check:

In what's a slightly suspicious coincidence, but Sony's suddenly pulled a bunch of its movies from the Xbox's Netflix Watch Instantly streaming service just a few hours before Microsoft's New Xbox Experience goes live. Previously available titles like Superbad and Bad Boys, which are owned by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment subsidiary Columbia Pictures, have been made unavailable for Xbox users. Netflix VP Steve Swasey says there's no foul play involved, and that the NXE Instant Queue had just run into a licensing issue with Columbia Pictures.

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The New Xbox Experience, a.k.a. the new Xbox 360 Dashboard, hits tomorrow. If you've got an Xbox 360 that's connected to the internet, you're going to be prompted to update your console as soon as you turn it on. No exceptions; this is what your machine will look like until either it dies, you die, or Microsoft decides to make ANOTHER Xbox Experience. Unfortunately, unlike Batman, you didn't have time to prepare. Here are the ten things you should know about the new Xbox experience so you can be set for tomorrow.

Without much ado, Microsoft's released the New Xbox Experience for some of you an entire day and a half earlier than announced. Woohoo. Everyone who applied to the "preview program" for NXE can as of now check out the avatar system, redesigned menus and other knick knacks. Previewers, tell us how it's going. The rest of us who couldn't be bothered to fill out Microsoft's sign-up form will still have to wait until the 19th.

While we've already reviewed what it's like to stream Netflix movies on the New Xbox Experience, we missed that there were 300 pieces of HD content right below our noses. Since then, we loaded up The Thing in HD and gave Netflix Instant Streaming HD our full once-over.

This November, the Xbox 360 will turn three. So far, it's been a profitable and successful system for Microsoft, capturing the attention of developers, snatching exclusives away from the PlayStation 3 and gaining lots of street cred from hardcore gamers.

But in spite of this success, Microsoft has chosen to make an aggressive, totally unprecedented step. They're completely overhauling the Xbox 360 firmware with a free update called the New Xbox Experience (NXE) that hits consoles on November 19th. Functionally, it's hiding at least one killer app. Visually, it's a bigger jump than Windows XP to Windows Vista. Given that NXE is a mandatory update for anyone on Xbox Live, it's a good thing we really, really liked it.

Major Nelson has just dropped the details on how to get into the New Xbox Experience early. They're looking for a "few thousand" participants. All you've gotta do is sign up and answer a few questions (click here) to be considered for the Preview Update. Gold and Silver Xbox Live members can apply, but Gold gets first priority. If you're accepted, you'll hear from them in about a week, meaning the preview should be within the next 10-14 days. AU: Haven't had a chance to see if it's available to Aussies... Anyone know? Share the knowledge in comments.