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Loop has been created by Nokia to give Nokia N8 and C7 owners something to boast about. The app's exclusive to those two phones and lets users create their own music tracks by sampling and mixing the world around them.


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We might have a few issues with Nokia and their phones, but there's no disputing they're made from hardy stuff. It's why we recall our first handsets so fondly - those drops barely scuffed the fascia, unlike today's fancy blowers.


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On a hair-raising morning commute, Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel encounters a gun-toting traffic cop, ninja bankers and... Chuck Bass. It's eight minutes of slick, silly fun, and it was shot entirely on a smartphone.


As much as we'd love to see a great new phone from Nokia, we're not reviewing the N8. The phone was, unfortunately, irrelevant before it launched. Like a top-of-the-line horse-drawn carriage released shortly after Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon.


This week, like many Australian tech journalists, I scored a little bit of face time with the new Nokia N8 (and some Nokia marketing people as well). Their message was one of optimism, of confidence, of excitement with their new smartphone. But I'm sorry to say that after a short amount of time playing with the phone, that's not what I was feeling at all.