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A version of Android 4.3 has come out of Google — thanks to a Google staff member selling a Nexus 4 with a near-final version of the OS update onboard. The code’s been extracted from the phone and released and — bar a missing radio — would appear to be a virtually complete version of the next version of Android.


The Nexus 4 is an awesome phone, and now it's coming in white. That much you already knew, but now you'll be able to buy the white Nexus 4 in Australia from Harvey Norman — or on an Optus plan — for more-or-less the same price as the one on Google Play.


Seriously, this guy has designed his own JARVIS-like voice-controlled home using nothing but (what looks like) a Nexus 4 and the help of an app or three. He uses it with truly natural-language and can string commands together to get different tasks done. This video is incredible, and the best part is that it cost him less than $US300.


This morning we did a bit of a fail and told you that Harvey Norman and The Good Guys had Nexus 4 Charging docks in stock. We have since updated this story to reflect that Harvey Norman and the Good Guys are in face selling the Nexus 7 docks, not the Nexus 4 Charging Orbs.


Every time this damn thing goes on sale is sells out. Thankfully Google is now getting better at replenishing stock in the Play store. That's right, folks: the Nexus 4 is back on sale.