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A version of Android 4.3 has come out of Google -- thanks to a Google staff member selling a Nexus 4 with a near-final version of the OS update onboard. The code’s been extracted from the phone and released and -- bar a missing radio -- would appear to be a virtually complete version of the next version of Android.


The Nexus 4 is an awesome phone, and now it's coming in white. That much you already knew, but now you'll be able to buy the white Nexus 4 in Australia from Harvey Norman -- or on an Optus plan -- for more-or-less the same price as the one on Google Play.


Seriously, this guy has designed his own JARVIS-like voice-controlled home using nothing but (what looks like) a Nexus 4 and the help of an app or three. He uses it with truly natural-language and can string commands together to get different tasks done. This video is incredible, and the best part is that it cost him less than $US300.


This morning we did a bit of a fail and told you that Harvey Norman and The Good Guys had Nexus 4 Charging docks in stock. We have since updated this story to reflect that Harvey Norman and the Good Guys are in face selling the Nexus 7 docks, not the Nexus 4 Charging Orbs.


Every time this damn thing goes on sale is sells out. Thankfully Google is now getting better at replenishing stock in the Play store. That's right, folks: the Nexus 4 is back on sale.


A hack has been released that lets users turn an LG Optimus G into a perfect simulation of a Nexus 4, removing LG’s custom interface from the Optimus G and sticking it on the standard, untouched default Android code we see on Nexus devices.


You can be on the cutting edge of fashion, the very definition of style and the king or queen of cool, but if you're carrying around an old junker for a smartphone it's all for nought. Here are the best handsets for living large.


Over the past few years I've invested a lot into Apple's products and services. If you come by my house, you'd find four of the latest Apple TVs, two iMacs, the latest MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro, more than five AirPort Express stations and Apple's Time Capsule. You could touch every single iPhone, from the first up to the iPhone 5, iPads ranging from first generation to fourth and we recently added two iPad minis.


We have made a mistake, readers. All this time we have been shouting, ranting and railing against Google for not putting fresh devices up on the Play Store and not delivering the handsets we actually managed to order, but really, it's all LG's fault. That's the story told by a Google exec, at least.


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