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Pretty much all mirrorless cameras -- Fujifilm X and Samsung NX, to name a couple -- with APS-C size sensors can take a damn fine picture these days. The Sony a6000 does its best to stand out with a pinch of style and updated tech, but it's still largely the same as the camera it's replacing, 2012's NEX-6.

Imaging Resource has posted parts of an interview they conducted with Sony Digital Imaging's senior technology manager Mark Weir, explaining the reasoning behind abandoning the NEX brand, which has comprised their familiar line of mirrorless cameras since 2010.

Mirrorless cameras -- aka compact system cameras -- arguably have the photographic features of a full-sized digital SLR in a compact, attractive body. They're portable and powerful, but there are a few key features that separate mirrorless cameras from the rest of the pack. Don't really know what any of this means? Read on.

Sony is trying to sell its new Nex e-mount camera by telling most DSLR users that they are dumb and stupid and clueless. According to Sony, two thirds of all DSLRs users never take their camera out of the full-auto mode.