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A few decades ago, George R.R. Martin read a statement from a critic that said science fiction and horror should never go together. That was what inspired him to write Nightflyers, a 1980 sci-fi horror novella that’s been adapted into a new series on Syfy.

We talked with some of cast and crew of Nightflyers about why horror and sci-fi go so well together. In short: You can show them how the world could be, while also scaring their pants off.

Syfy’s Nightflyers has an idea of what it wants to be — the next sci-fi horror, taking the best parts of The Expanse and Event Horizon and fusing them with George R.R. Martin’s beloved novella.

The pieces are there for a good show, with a group of (mostly) talented actors and a promising story. Sadly, based on the first episode, Nightflyers doesn’t know how to put its own pieces together.

Some of the most fascinating things about Starz’s adaptation of American Gods revolve around the major changes made in order to make the show feel contemporary. Neil Gaiman first penned the original novel back in 1999 when the world was a drastically different place — and heading into season two, the show is still coming up with unique ways to stay relevant.

Mortal Engines is a film almost a decade in the works, made primarily because Peter Jackson didn’t want to lose the rights to Philip Reeve’s series. And I can’t blame him. The film’s opening battle shows that Mortal Engines will be a feast for the eyes — thanks in no small part to the work of VFX artist-turned-director Christian Rivers.

Unfortunately, that’s where the praise ends.

Video: What do you do when the world, both mundane and magical, has been turned upside down... but the one person needed to “FIX! THIS!” doesn’t know what the fork you’re talking about? Surround yourself with kittens, of course. The Magicians has revealed its season four release date and shared the first clip featuring the return of the beloved (and wicked) ram god, Ember.