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The police force of a small New Jersey town has a Facebook page. And on it go the mugshots of people caught breaking the law. Car thieves, shoplifters and even a child pornographer have been named and shamed so far.


Without admitting any wrongdoing, AT&T Mobility has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit alleging that their flat-rate early termination fee was unlawful. If the settlement is approved, AT&T will pay out a total of $US16 million in cash and $US2 million in "non-cash benefits" to New Jersey residents whose AT&T wireless contract included a flat-rate ETF provision any time after 1998.


• A new law in New Jersey willl ban internet sex offenders from the web. But then who will read Gizmodo? • AOL will discontinue development of the Netscape browser early next year. RIP Netscape, you were the original IE alternative. • Once upon a time, Google went by the name BackRub. Yuck. • A line of Hello Kitty clothing for men will go on sale in Japan next month. If you're looking for me, I'll be scraping my eyes out with rusty nails.