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A seriously odd announcement from camera maker Nikon, the Media Port UP300 and UP300x video headset approaches wearable PC territory. The device, which honestly looks like a pair of headphones with a small display tacked on, actually has a pretty impressive spec sheet: up to 8GB of flash memory for videos, audio and file storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, a full-featured internet browser and on the 300x model, even motion control. Browsing would have to be frustrating on a setup like this, but the Wi-Fi connection can also be used to download audio and video content directly to the device.

Despite the stigma, I've always wanted a pair of video goggles. I never did mind the nerd factor accompanying any piece of gear, at least not after admiring sci fi heroes like Cyclops of the X-men and Geordi from ST:TNG. But they've never been cheap or high-res enough until now. The Zeiss Cinemizer (US$400) and the Myvu Crystal (US$300) both do 640x480 resolution, which is best in class. And so today I'll try to figure out which one is better headset. During it all, I will suspend all disbelief when it comes to the practicality of wearing a second screen for your video iPod on your face. I mean, what are you really saving here but neck cramps?

Sci-Fi eye-wear lovers are finally getting more options when shopping for new shades with MyVu's release of two new models, Shades and Crystal. Both models are geared towards watching video on the go, with what MyVu describes as "glance-down technology with true situational awareness". With this, "glance-down tech" these glasses are even closer to mimicking their Sci-Fi alter-egos, as you might have see on IO9's Galerry of Sci-Fi Vision Systems. We had our own Benny Goldman testing out the new models, and sadly he didn't have many words of praise.

iPod users that don't mind looking like a dorkus ignoramus should check out this video review of the myvu Personal Media Viewer. They're basically wraparound glasses that virtually project videos on your iPod to a larger size. Interesting, but I think I'd rather watch videos on the iPod's small screen and retain my dignity. -Jenneth Orantia