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Felicia Day was famously mistreated by Dr Horrible, but now the lab coat is on the other back. As Kinga Forrester, the new Mad tormenting Jonah and the 'Bots on the upcoming Mystery Science Theatre 3000, it's her turn to be evil -- and not just on-screen. Here, Day relates her serious bad movie cred and explains the perfect way she joined MST3K's anticipated return.

Predicting the future is near impossible -- but that doesn‘t stop us all from having a red hot go. Human beings have been predicting the future since the beginning of history and the results range from the hilarious to the downright uncanny.

One thing all future predictions have in common: they‘re rooted in our current understanding of how the world works. It‘s difficult to escape that mindset. We have no idea how technology will evolve, so our ideas are connected to the technology of today.