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In a few days' time, the concert hall of the Sydney Opera House will ring again with the chords of The Legend of Zelda's memorable soundtracks for the first time in a decade. Symphony of the Goddesses is the result of a close collaboration between the symphony's creator Jason Michael Paul and Nintendo, and it's an honest recreation of the original music of the games -- "as first-party as it gets", says the producer behind it all.


Earlier today, Star Trek: Discovery revealed its own theme song -- a rare, full length one in the age of the title card stings and little else. It joins a long line of esteemed theme songs in the Trek franchise, but we thought we'd throw a question to you all: what's your favourite TV theme of all time?


These are troubled times for SoundCloud, with staff lay offs, changing CEOs, and talk of emergency investment securing its future for the time being. As with any service that's looking shaky, users will be (and should be) worried about getting their stuff out -- you may have years of playlists, uploads, and podcasts collected on the service. Here's how to get all that audio and data into safer locales.


In a rare instance of a record company doing the right thing, Sony became the first major label to legalise unofficial remixes and DJ mixes. It isn't like DJs were ever going to stop borrowing copyrighted samples for remixes. Remixes can't be stopped! But now, finally, you're going to start seeing more remixes on Spotify and Apple Music.