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Science fiction has a complicated history in musical theatre. Much like the Academy Awards, which usually reward stories about “real people” over sci-fi and fantasy (with 2017's Best Oscar win for The Shape of Water being a notable exception), musical theatre audiences tend to scoff at spacey sagas. However, some sci-fi musicals have managed to break through the snobbery and make a lasting impact. Some are brilliant, like The Rocky Horror Show. Others are about Thomas the Tank Engine in space. It’s a mixed bag.

Would you like to experience the intoxicating pain of being bonded with a psychotic alien parasite? Well, good news: Marshall Mathers himself is here to help with a truly, truly bizarre new track for Sony’s Venom movie.

In May 1986, the venerated Carnegie Hall concert venue in New York City shut down for 30 weeks of major repairs. The beautiful music hall had hosted legends including Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Judy Garland, Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan and The Beatles, but after nearly 100 years, the building was in serious need of renovations.

It might come as no surprise to you that Google has launched something that isn't really finished: YouTube Music is available now in Australia and several other countries, but it barely qualifies as a music streaming service today. After using the platform for several days, here are the biggest problems we want fixing.

Our brains trick us all the time. But that's not a bad thing. It's great at filling in gaps when our eyes or ears miss a beat, to the point where it'll make stuff up that isn't there. This AsapSCIENCE video shows just how good our minds are at doing this. Creepy good.

An instructor of mine once compared mixing a song to baking a cake. The various tracks are the ingredients, and once everything is mixed and baked, as with a cake, those ingredients can’t be deconstructed. Or can they?

AI researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have created an app that can isolate a performance in a video by simply clicking on a specific instrument.

Ever since Doctor Who returned in 2005, its music has been composed by Murray Gold, who defined the sound of Who for hundreds of stories over a decade-plus' worth of pieces. But times are changing in the TARDIS, and now a new face is behind the keys: Up and coming composer Segun Akinola.

Spotify just revamped its free tier, which means you get more than ever before without actually having to pay anything - (some) on-demand playlists on mobile, unlimited skips (on a few playlists), and personalised recommendations to more accurately reflect your tastes. So does it make Spotify Premium a waste of money?