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Warning: Some readers may find the content of this article disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

There's a reason why so many horror movies claim to be based on actual events. Reality can be scary as hell, and it's often weirder and more nightmare-inducing than anything on the big screen. Here are seven events that sound like the plots of some terrifying horror movies -- except they're much more disturbing. Because they're completely true.


The media scrambled to make sense of this strange, baffling double homicide -- the angle that most outlets came up with was "unfriending on Facebook leads to murder!" (Including 20/20, which devoted an episode to the case.) But as prosecutor Dennis Brooks explains in Too Pretty to Live: The Catfishing Murders of East Tennessee, the situation was a lot more complicated than that.


The victim was a seamstress, found dead in a bean patch, strangled by her own scarf. The suspect was a local creep who insisted he had nothing to do with the crime and was far away when it occurred. How did one detective prove what really happened? With dirt.


As you step outside today to breathe in the fresh air and note our planet's lush, life-giving fauna, take a minute to appreciate the fact that this whole day exists thanks to the hard efforts of Earth Day's environmentally conscious, murderous conspirators. Because even though this day is founded on the vision of an Earth worth saving, it's also founded by (or at least partially by) a man who whose conservation efforts didn't quite extend to human life.


Antivirus pioneer John McAfee is allegedly a suspect in a local murder investigation in Belize, says local police. According to Marco Vidal, head of the national police force's Gang Suppression Unit, McAfee is a suspect in the murder of American expatriate Gregory Paul, who reportedly was gunned down on Saturday night at his home in San Pedro Town.


Six months after the murder of 19-year-old student Jason Rodriguez, Orlando police have finally arrested a suspect. Six months. That's how long it took to untangle the digital detritus of one of the most twisted internet-enabled crimes in memory.


Some anti-choicers with a little tech know-how have made the Wikipedia page for "abortion" the second search result when you Google "murder". Their success is perhaps impressive, but manipulating search engine results isn't the most effective form of advocacy.


Dawn Sanchez was last seen alive when she stepped into Bernado Bass' car in 1991. Her disappearance and death remained unsolved until recently when - thanks to a little NASA robot - her murderer was sentenced to six years in prison.