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Sony's Playstation Move is a high tech motion controller of the highest order that uses Bluetooth to connect to the PS3. You know what else uses Bluetooth? Computers. Apparently Sony have realised this and are planning to officially open up the controller to allow PC compatibility.

As expected, Sony's Move is perfectly competent hardware-wise because Sony is a hardware company. But making games that mimic Nintendo's casual-friendly Wii party games is the wrong move. Instead, they need to focus on their true fanbase: the hardcore fans.

newVideoPlayer( {"type":"video","player":"http://www.youtube.com/v/Y5WQbuuq7MM&hl=en&fs=1&fmt=22","customParams": ,"width":500,"height":400,"ratio":0.824,"flashData":"","embedName":null,"objectId":null,"noEmbed":false,"source":"youtube","wrap":true,"agegate":false} ); I'm not entirely certain what's going on in this commercial for the Playstation Move, but it appears that there are these freaky MoveMen who'll troll your Facebook page for mentions of parties, gatecrash, and force you to play a game.

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This 3+ minute Japanese trailer for the PlayStation Move comes complete with some new footage of Move games. As is Sony's wont, it takes place in a weird, artificial location, features a creepy woman and is very slickly produced.

Looks like this year's going to be a big year for jumping up and down in front of your TV. On top of yesterday's Kinect announcement from Microsoft, this morning sees Sony announcing local release information for the Playstation Move.

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We're used to feeling oddly insulted by Sony ads, but for once it's everyone else who might need a hug. Because in this PlayStation Move ad, the competition gets named, shamed and leaves crying for mummy.