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Motorola has made a solid name for itself when it comes to mid-tier smartphones. Flanked by rivals like Samsung, OPPO and realme, Motorola has now released its latest offerings, the $499 Moto G8 Plus and the $299 Motorola One Macro. For the price, both phones offer good performance, a sleek design, decent cameras and great battery life. So, what's with the $200 price difference?

Motorola has largely slipped under the radar when it comes to conversations around the latest and greatest smartphones.

And that's mostly because they tend to go hard on mid-range and budget phones that tend to be some of the strongest in those categories.

Their latest releases, the Motorola One Macro and the Moto G8 Plus are no exception. Priced at $299 and $499 respectively, they operate on the lower rungs of the smartphone ladder, but pack in a great punch, phenomenal battery life and unique camera quirks that make them both appealing in their own right. I'll be diving deeper into this functionality in a subsequent review, but for now, I'm going to talk about the macro lens on the Moto One Macro.

This week a fresh iPhone 11 leak suggested that the new series would have a rather dire set of names.

iPhone 11. iPhone 11 Pro. iphone 11 Pro Max

The flagship Pro Max sounds like a knockoff protein powder and we hate it.

But it did get us to thinking about some of the worst phone names that have cursed the market over the years. Strap in.

I’ve been using iPhones exclusively since my late teens, when I ditched the numerous Nokia phones I’d dropped in rivers and toilets.

I was a terrible phone mum until I spent an entire pay cheque or two on an outdated iPhone model and treated it like it was my own human baby.

Since then, I’ve gotten used to Apple OS’s streamlined interface and haven’t really looked back.

So, when I was asked to review the Motorola One Vision, operating on the Android One, I hesitated a bit. Was I really ready to learn a whole new OS? Would I finally figure out how to exit apps, my primary weakness on Android? I decided to find out.

As technology progresses, screens get bigger, cameras get more powerful but the price tag gets more and more ridiculous. Thankfully, telco companies are responding to this gap in the market by creating new offerings that squeeze in as many tech features as possible in a reasonably affordable package.

Earlier today Motorola announced a the newest member of its G7 family, the Moto G7 Power. As the name suggests, this big boi packs a massive battery and we're understandably impressed.

Telstra has been named as the exclusive carrier partner and despite it being a relatively cheap phone, the telco is offering plans that are extremely not worth it.

It was wet, it was windy, and in less than three hours, I think I had experienced the entire gamut of bone-chilling Chicago weather: rain, sleet, and snow. And I did it all to finally get a taste of those sweet super fast 5G speeds on a real, live functioning network. While my short time testing the next generation of mobile communications in the Windy City wasn’t exactly a walk through Millenium Park, I came away with some important info about the state of 5G inits very early days.

When they're not teasing us with foldable phones that cost more than some used cars, phone companies have been spending their time at MWC showing off 5G variants of their phones. Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, and others have been at it. Even if they didn't have a phone to announce, they've been promising that they're on the way. But Motorola is thinking differently. It's just developed a 5G mod you can attach to the back of the Moto Z3.

Motorola has made some of the best budget and mid-range phones for years. But Moto’s previous lineup of inexpensive devices was a bit confusing, as its offerings were split between the Moto G6 and G6 Play, and the even less expensive E5 Plus and E5 Play. In 2019, Moto is trimming down its G7 portfolio down to just three phones while also giving each model a slightly different twist to suit your needs.

Apple and Samsung would have you believe quality smartphones should cost the many hundreds of dollars you must sacrifice to obtain their rarefied devices. But in recent years, the march of time has made that notion obsolete. In 2012, a $300 device was nearly unusable. But now? Sharp screens are cheap, and fast processors are even cheaper. Inexpensive smartphones have been pretty good for years! And so, the $399 Motorola G6 is the latest in the company's line of devices serving as a harbinger of the inevitable: Pretty good might be good enough for everyone. Sure, it's missing a few niceties, and looks like a generic slab of plastic, but those faults are easy to ignore for under $400. Did I mention it has a headphone jack?

For years, Motorola has been the leader in making cheap phones feel like quality products, instead of gadgets designed only to hit a certain price point. And while the next generation of Moto's low cost handsets don't seem super exciting, from what I've seen so far, they should continue Motorola's legacy of making, simple, but solid smartphones for under $US250.

Halfway between Brooklyn and Montauk, a steel cupola propped up on wooden legs once looked out over the Long Island Sound and beyond the horizon. Built in the first years of the 20th century, Wardenclyffe Tower served as the centrepiece of a real-life mad scientist's laboratory. Lever pulling, lightning bolts, maniacal laughter - this is where that sort of thing was supposed to happen. And it almost did.

Hi Gizmodo! I have a question for you, would love to get your expert advice. My Nexus 5x is still alive, but need to make an upgrade due to storage (16GB just doesn’t cut it these days…). Having been with a cheaper mid-range, I’m interested in what is the best out there at the moment?

I’m kind of leaning towards picking up a cheap Google Pixel seeing that prices are tumbling now the Pixel 2 is nearly here. What would you suggest?

Motorola's mod-friendly smartphone, the Moto Z, is back. It's back in Z2 Play form, refining the original idea a little and bringing one of 2016's most interesting -- if not exactly compelling -- phones into late 2017. The base hardware is better, and Motorola is to be applauded for that, but the Moto Mods themselves have changed little.