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Step back, LG G5. There's a funky new modular smartphone on sale in Australia, and it's also -- in its standard, straight-out-of-the-box guise -- the world's thinnest. Motorola's Moto Z measures just 5.2mm from front to back, but still has the latest in high-tech hardware under the hood. Where LG's top Android phone ejects its modular components like a pistol's magazine, though, the Moto Z snaps them onto its rear case to add extra battery power, a high-res camera or a more powerful speaker.

Moto Z, Moto Z Play and Moto Mods launched today in Australia. We're looking at two flagship smartphones and a collection of mods that clip onto the back -- a super zoom camera, a battery pack,a big screen projector and a boombox.

Here's all the details -- including when you can pick them up, and for how much.

The Moto Z Force Droid Edition and Moto Z Droid Edition have just been announced, and the most distinctive feature is the snap-on Moto Mods.

Attaching magnetically, there's already a battery pack, a speaker and a projector in the range -- so far.