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Last week, the company that (literally) kickstarted the new virtual reality industry announced a groundbreaking new controller that lets you reach out and touch things in virtual worlds. I just gave it a spin. It's good. Damn good.


The motion-controlled, hover-hands future isn't quite here yet, but we've used a Leap Motion, and we can tell you first hand that it's damn awesome. But what's inside that little box of magic? A developer at SparkFun electronics dove inside to find out. The guts are surprisingly modest.


We knew that the Kinect would be coming to Windows eventually, but it looks like Xbox One's groundbreaking new Kinect sensor won't be stuck tethered to a console for long. Microsoft has just announced that the new and improved motion-tracking system will definitely be hitting Windows sometime next year — but exactly when remains hazy.


I hope you like motion control, because it ain't going anywhere. Microsoft just announced its new Kinect, and although it's not literally wired into the Xbox One, it will be coming with every Xbox One sold. But this time Kinect is less about about gaming and more about media than ever.


When was the last time you winked? When was the last time you winked and didn't immediately regret it? It's probably been a while, but Google is aiming making winking cool again(?), by hard-coding some ;) functionality right into Glass.