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Video: There are many horror films that start with a car breaking down, stranding the protagonists somewhere far from civilisation. The Monster, the latest from Bryan Bertino (The Strangers), raises the stakes on that scenario by making the unfortunate travellers a single mother and her young daughter, and the car trouble is only the beginning of their problem.


Video: Golf hazards like sand bunkers and lakes might ruin your day — but one hazard at Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida could end your life.


There's never been anything like Beats By Dre. The bulky rainbow headphones are a gaudy staple of planes, clubs and footpaths everywhere: as mammoth, beloved and expensive as their namesake. But Dr Dre didn't just hatch the flashy lineup from his freight train chest: The venture began as an unlikely partnership between a record-industry powerhouse and a boutique audio company best known for making expensive HDMI cables.


Monster's new "Ultra HD Platinum" HDMI range is being billed as an essential purchase for anyone requiring the high-speed bandwidth demands of 4K video. On the downside, a single cable can set you back as much as $349. Is there any way this eye-watering markup could possibly be worth the money? Or will a $5 cable off eBay serve you just as well? Yesterday, Monster put its money where its mouth is in a live HDMI bit error face-off. Here are the results.


Monster has announced three new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers at IFA. The S1, S2 and S3 — all of incrementally increasing size — offer "extreme clarity, tight articulation and deep pounding bass". Apparently.


Apple's $3.2 billion acquisition of headphone and music heavyweight Beats Electronics was announced with much fanfare, but since that initial flurry of activity, everything has been a little quiet. Billboard suggests that might be because there are some problems with the deal — and they're to do with the big differences in culture between the two brands.