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Yep, you can get @iCloud.com email accounts now. If, you know, you're bored (or incredibly and irrevocably spammed) on your Gmail or Hotmail or whatever else. Here's how, straight from the iOS 6 Beta 3 Release Notes.


I'm super excited for iCloud but I'm still wondering what the hell I'm going to do with my two separate Apple ID accounts: my original one, which I made to buy stuff on iTunes -- and still use to buy apps -- and then the MobileMe account that Apple forced you to make as a separate Apple ID.


Apple is finally ready to show off iCloud, its cloud service that they built that massive data centre for. It was always a matter of when, rather than if, but at WWDC, we'll finally get to see what they're planning.


Would Apple see more sign-ups to MobileMe if it were free? Undoubtedly, but lowering it from $US99/year to $US20 will still be advantageous for them. That's if these latest rumours are correct. The cloud-based "back-up" service we last heard about has been mentioned again and is beginning to sound very likely.


There had been earlier reports that Apple was starting their own streaming music service to compete against the likes of Rdio, MOG and Rhapsody. But anonymous industry sources are telling the Financial Times that Apple has no plans to "cannibalise" their iTunes download service, and that the technology they acquired in their 2009 purchase of Lala will be used for "insurance".