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Last night I woke up, thinking that perhaps the world had changed while I was sleeping. Content was freely available in Australia, gadgets were cheap and tablets were impossibly thin and beautiful. What I was remembering was a dream, and that dream is personified by the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9: a beautiful mirage you wish was fully realised for those Down Under.


Is a device with a 6-inch display even a smartphone anymore? The Lumia 1520 is so comically large that doing ordinary smartphone things with it feels like you're making a joke. At its best, the 1520 is a funny party trick. At its worst, it's absurd.


Never have we had a phone through the Gizmodo office that has been more polarising than the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. People have pointed and laughed at it, ridiculed it and shamed it for being everything wrong with the so-called phablet revolution, but I think that every single one of them is wrong. Here’s why.