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Safari is technically a platform on its own, separate from the iTunes App Store. Until the day that Gatekeeper comes to iOS, it will continue to be the most open way for users to access information on Apple's mobile devices. But besides iCloud Tabs and Reading List, Mobile Safari has remained basically unchanged since its unveiling in 2007.


Google's Chrome browser has been chewing up market share on desktops and laptops for a while now, and now it's going mobile. If you've got an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) phone or tablet you can download it now. If you don't -- and that should be most of you -- time to get jealous.


Opera Mini, the fast-ish browser previously available for the iPhone, has finally made its way to the iPad. The speed dial, 'tabbed browsing' and trademark zippiness of Opera Mini is all there.


Skyfire 4.0 for Android has some new customisable options in their 'Skybar', which is like a favourites menu that gives you quick access to Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, a "share" button, and sports, news and finance feeds. But! They're going to start charging Android users for their excellent video playback feature.