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End of financial year is just around the corner, which may mean that you're looking for some last minute tech to buy. Laptops are always an obvious choice, especially the ones that are on the portable end of the spectrum. We thought this would be a good time to highlight some of the best thin and light laptops 2018 has offered up so far.

The Surface Laptop is one of my very favourite ultraportable notebooks of the last few years. It's a MacBook Air, but built for 2017: a beautiful screen, great speakers, gorgeous design and a slim profile. And now, a la Apple's iPhones, you can pre-order it in some gorgeous colour variants which will land in Australia at the end of next month.

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Microsoft is releasing a new Surface laptop, imaginatively called the Surface Laptop. At first blush, it feels very nice. That should be the case given how much Microsoft talked up the build quality of its new take on the traditional clamshell, but that premium feel did carry over in the short time I was able to play with the device at the company’s New York City event on Tuesday. Read on for our first impressions and photos.