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The guys at Gizmodo US flew all the way to London and crashed on a friend's couch just to tell you all about the new hotness from Nokia. Why? Because this is important: Windows Phone has long been a legit competitor in need of some beast hardware. It just got it.


Windows Phone 7 is one of our favourite mobile platforms, and the Mango update brings some core functionality that was missing in the original release. With all of the new features and tools, there is a minor learning curve, but this list of tips will get you using Mango like a pro in no time.


T-Mobile Germany briefly displayed a poster of an unannounced Nokia Windows Phone. From it we've learned that in addition to having Nokia's Drive navigation system, the phone will also feature a 3.7-inch curved AMOLED display.


"Windows Phone Seven Point Five." It's somehow mind numbing and yet not totally unexpected that chunky string of syllables is how you say the name of the new Windows Phone. Mind numbing, because it's the antithesis of what Microsoft has ultimately built, and not totally unexpected, because we're still talking about Microsoft, and it's not a reinvention of what they've done with Windows Phone.