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I like to think this is something that doesn't need to be said, but let's just throw it out there anyway: Serial killers are not sexy. Or fun. Or funny. They're monsters. But then fictional serial killers show up in a story as a well-dressed psychiatrist or a good-looking vampire and they're tapping into a very particular trope that inspires huge franchises like Hannibal and True Blood. Until Killing Eve I avoided anything featuring that trope. Now I'm totally enamoured and have spent the show's entire debut season trying to figure out why.

Mads Mikkelsen stepped into the hugely important role of Galen Erso, the man who made the Death Star work. The actor also had the equally Herculean task of keeping all the details about his character secret. Now that Rogue One's out on Digital HD, we talked to Mikkelsen about all those details -- and also about how some patrons in his local bar may have learned them a little bit early.

When it comes to cool geek stuff, Mads Mikkelsen has a stellar resume. He's been an iconic serial killer, a James Bond villain and played in the Marvel Universe -- and soon, he'll build the freaking Death Star. But there's one genre he still really wants to get into.