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I love Macworld Expo. I've gone more years than I haven't out of the last dozen. But for most of those years, Apple was presenting. That's changed.

Even though Apple has pulled out of Macworld, IDG has again confirmed that the show will go on by booking the Moscone Centre from February 9 - 13, 2010 (that's about one month later than usual, meaning that Macworld will no longer compete with CES for the public's attention).

Skype has always been great for travellers, allowing free (or at the very least cheap) phone calls anywhere in the world via your PC or Mac. The latest beta version for Macs, announced today at Macworld, makes it even more traveller friendly with the ability to connect to Boingo Wi-Fi networks around the world using your Skype credit.

Skype Access, as it's called, scans for available Boingo wireless networks and presents a pop-up dialog box with the price per minute for using the network. The price is a global flat rate of about 26 cents per minute, which even when coupled with the cost of Skype-out charges, is still a lot cheaper than calling home from your mobile while overseas. Plus, there's the added convenience of not having to worry about giving your credit card details to a Wi-Fi hotspot provider.

Apple's Macworld announcement that the entire iTunes catalogue is ditching the God-awful DRM that has kept it back is fantastic news for music lovers worldwide. After all, now you can purchase music that you can listen to on whatever device you want, however many times you want, all for the same price (until their new pricing structure kicks in, I guess). But what about the tunes you've already purchased, laced with hidden DRM and holding your music collection back?

Well, despite the fact that you can purchase the same tracks for the same price without DRM, if you've already purchased a DRM-encoded version, you'll need to pay Apple 50 cents per track to remove the restrictions, or $1.00 per track for music videos.

newVideoPlayer("/imovie_09_giz.flv", 506, 305,"");In this shakey cam tour (sorry) we go over the three most interesting functions in iMovie 09: The globetrotting map animations, an automatic shake stabilizer, and the zoomed in precision editor.