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Whether you're a sports fan or not, you have probably heard the name Sir Alex Ferguson this morning. He's the outgoing manager of the Manchester United football team in the UK — a job he's been doing since 1986. To put that in perspective: Sir Fergie has been doing that job since before I was born. Meanwhile, Nokia has spied an opportunity in Sir Alex's retirement, and is offering him a special edition Lumia 920 for his time at the club in the hopes that he'll switch.


iSheep and Fandroids have been at war for as long as we can all remember while the rest of us just sit back and marvel at the untold destruction these two factions wreak on their ability to attract the opposite sex. Nokia is now getting in on the factional fanboy fracas with a new ad that sees Android and Apple fans fight at a wedding. Spoiler: this is awesome.


HTC has done more for Australia than you realise. It was the first big manufacturer to introduce Android into the country via a major telco, and went on to make some incredible gear. Things tapered off in the last few years, and we wondered if we would ever see an Android-powered HTC handset that made us believe in the company again. Enter the HTC One: the saviour, the hero, the new yardstick.


Remember when Sony could do no wrong? Back in the days of awesome CRT TVs, Discmans, Walkmans, miniDisc players and killer sound systems? The shine has been off Sony's apple over the last few years, but ever since last year's IFA tech fair in Germany, we've been seeing hints of the Sony sparkle here and there. With the release of the Sony Xperia Z, however, it's confirmed: the magic is back at Sony, and this is the best handset it has ever made.


You can be on the cutting edge of fashion, the very definition of style and the king or queen of cool, but if you're carrying around an old junker for a smartphone it's all for nought. Here are the best handsets for living large.