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Science fiction has a complicated history in musical theatre. Much like the Academy Awards, which usually reward stories about “real people” over sci-fi and fantasy (with 2017's Best Oscar win for The Shape of Water being a notable exception), musical theatre audiences tend to scoff at spacey sagas. However, some sci-fi musicals have managed to break through the snobbery and make a lasting impact. Some are brilliant, like The Rocky Horror Show. Others are about Thomas the Tank Engine in space. It’s a mixed bag.

Greg Berlanti shoots down casting rumours for his Little Shop of Horrors remake. John Boyega teases speedy robots for Pacific Rim: Uprising. David Ramsey promises hell for Diggle in Arrow's next season. Plus, a new look at Syfy's next ridiculous original movie, and new clips from this week's Shadowhunters. Spoilers, assemble!

Charlie Cox explains the state of Matt Murdock when The Defenders begins. Ant-Man has another returning character and you will absolutely be able to tell the difference between the Infinity Gems in Infinity War. Spoilers ahead!

Carnivorous plants haven't have the best media representation. The 1986 cult classic Little Shop of Horrors depicted these hungry little darlings as bloodthirsty beasts, which isn't entirely inaccurate -- depending on where they're located, carnivorous plants eat everything from flies to frogs.

Fans of shows like Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow have probably wondered if those characters would ever make it to the big screen. Well the executive producer of those shows did just sign on to do a big Warner Bros. movie, but don't expect any superheroes. Just one super hungry plant.