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"It was the longest half-second of my life. One moment I was on the track, and the next I was in a wall. All I thought to myself was 'relax, and brace yourself'. Then I hit it." That's how Sarah Harley, a race car driver of 12 years, recounts her most serious accident, when, in 2010, when she plouged the Mini Cooper S race car she was driving into a wall at 170kph. She walked away with no injuries, but said that anyone who wants to race competitively these days could do with a bit of time on a race game first.


A new batch of hardy sport cameras have hit the market in recent months, including the new Contour+2 and the challenger camera from Sony, the ActionCam. We thought we'd put these two head to head to see how they fared against each other. How did we test them? We got a former F1 champion to belt around a track in a $750,000 supercar, of course.


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This is the Lexus LFA. The sound of its exhaust can shatter champagne glasses. Or at least that's what this video wants us to believe.