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In a recent barrage of new products, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Lenovo, and HP have all shown off computers that are trying to tackle one of the industry's most vexing problems: How do you make a keyboarded computer that's also a great tablet? How do you attach a keyboard to a tablet without ruining the whole thing? Every manufacturer is trying to create a device that can do it all.

Lenovo's line of Yoga laptops is well known and liked for the clever hinges that allow the devices to smoothly transform from a regular clamshell with a decent keyboard to a thick tablet. In particular, the Yoga made a name for itself with a slick "watchband" hinge that looks more like a fancy piece of jewellery than the widget connecting the two halves of a laptop. With its latest model the Yoga the 13.9-inch C930 (not to be confused with the 10.8-inch dual display Yoga Book C930), the company is trying something entirely new with the hinge by building in speakers. It's a lot smarter than it sounds (although it sounds nice too).

I've never been a fan of 2-in-1 laptops. I'm a simple girl who likes her keyboard at the front at all times.

But even I have to admit that Lenovo's Yoga series has always been sleek, and the watchband hinge quite sexy.

And this year the brand is taking it to the next level by installing a rotating Dolby Atmos 3D speaker into it.

I had to try it.

"Is that a… laptop?" the waitress at the diner near my apartment asked (I had taken the Lenovo Yoga 900s with me to get some work done). "Sort of!" I said, quickly bending the screen around to demonstrate the Yoga line's defining feature: the watchband hinge that converts the device from an ultra-thin laptop to a tablet. The waitress looked on in horror.