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There's been a lot of amazing Lego this year, so much so that we had to add extra spots to our end-of-year list. This certainly isn't the kind of stuff you want if you want to save money, but if you weren't paying attention you might have let a few of these slip you by.

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo's regular roundup of the best new toys we’re salivating over on the internet. This week, we’ve got a very neat take on one of Netflix’s Ultraman stars, and Batman gets to not only crack nuts in the most uncomfortable looking way possible, he gets yet another sweet Lego take on one of his most iconic rides. Check it out!

Ask any Star Wars collector and they’ll tell you that Lego’s $1,160, 7,500+ piece Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon set was an absolute showstopper and the pinnacle of plastic brick model making. Until last week I would have agreed, but then I spent the past weekend building Lego’s new 1989 Tim Burton Batmobile—and I truly believe it’s the best set the toymaker has ever released.

LEGO is a great gift for any age. Whether it be LEGO Friends for the bubs in your life or a giant LEGO Voltron for your anime-loving uncle, there are plenty of great LEGO gifts for the budding builder in your life.

While there's countless LEGO sets available for purchase in every franchise you can think of, here are a few of our favourites, which are sure to kickstart some gift ideas of your own.

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular roundup of the coolest toys of the week. This time, we’ve got wooden Lego, cool Spider-Man and Masters of the Universe figures, and a very nifty take on retro arcades. Check it out!

If you haven’t been able to scrounge up a few hundred dollars to improve your daily commute with an electric scooter, there might be an alternative hiding in your parents’ basement. This electric go-kart is made entirely from Lego, so if you’ve got bins and bins of plastic bricks left over from your childhood, it might be time to dust them all off and get building.

You can claim to be interested in historical artefacts like pottery, suits of armour, and maybe even a mummy, but the most compelling reason to visit a museum, even as an adult, are the dinosaur fossils. If your hometown happens to be lacking in museums, however, Lego’s new Dinosaur Fossils set puts a small collection of thunder lizard skeletons on your desk, no admission required.

Everybody loves Lego, that's a fact. You can build voice-controlled robots with them, recreate your favourite scenes from Star Wars and even make your own custom minifigure. But one thing you can't do, because of the type of plastic they are made from, is recycle them easily.

This Friday is perhaps the most important date in a Star Wars fan’s calendar this year outside, of, well, you know... December 19, 2019. Because who wants to just see a new Star Wars movie when you can buy all the toys from it months in advance, too? That’s what you’ll be doing for “Triple Force Friday” on October 4 — and here are all the toys that could be bankrupting you.

First revealed back in May, Lego’s Star Wars Boost Droid Commander set builds on the toymaker’s Boost robotics platform which is a more kid-friendly version of its complex robotic Mindstorms kits. The set is finally available this month, and to prove that kid-friendly doesn’t also mean very limited, the company programmed 95 Lego droids to create an orchestra that plays real instruments.

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular round-up of the best toys we’ve seen on the internet this week. Today, we’ve got hot bods, dad bods, metal bods, all sorts of bods! And that’s even before we get to Canada’s finest superheroes (some of whom I’m sure also have lovely bods, I’m certain). Check it out!

Lego remains one of the most popular and valuable toy lines but the company’s sets are also some of the least accessible to those dealing with visual impairments. To remedy this, the Danish toymaker has announced a pilot program to update its building instructions with verbal descriptions so each step is compatible with Braille and screen readers — and its using AI to automate the time-consuming process.

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular round up of all the pretty plastic draining our wallets lately. This week: Star Wars’ actual best duo gets the Hot Toys figure set it deserves, Batman fights a familiar yet alien foe and the most loveably useless Pokémon in the world gets an adorable, silly plush toy. Check it out!

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our regular round up of all the coolest new toys tempting our wallets on the internet lately. This week: somehow, Marvel’s White Rabbit gets an action figure! Lego will be there for you with an oddly specific new Friends set! Plus, Danny Rand gets a Mezco figure worth of the Iron Fist, and... KISS Babies? Check it out!

We've done a lot of Lego-centric stuff here at Gizmodo, but for the most part we write about the big extravagant sets. The ones that take a long time to build, cost a fair bit, and require some discipline to put together properly. Recently, though, Lego set over something completely different: two Lego Star Wars sets designed for kids as young as four years old. Specifically the X-Wing and the TIE Fighter.

Despite the fact that everyone knows her best as “Spider-Gwen” when she’s slinging webs of her own and saving the day, Gwen Stacy’s, ahem, “brand” has been in an interesting state of flux for the past year or so as she’s taken on larger roles in animated series like Marvel Rising: Initiated and films like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.