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Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our (slightly late) weekly round up of all things merchandise. This week we've got even more San Diego Comic-Con exclusives to drool over, some new LEGO from the upcoming Ninjago movie, and the best plastic recreation of Bruce Campbell's face the world has ever seen. Really!


Lego has invested $1.2 Billion over the last four years to balance 100 per cent of its energy use with that from renewable sources, and now that goal has been achieved - three years early.

To celebrate, Lego has set a Guiness World Record by building a seven and a half metre tall wind turbine out of 146,000 Lego bricks, because why not.


The world went a bit nuts last month when a company called Nimuno launched an Indiegogo campaign for Loops, its flexible adhesive-backed toy block tape — don't say the word LEGO, guys — that could be stuck to just about any surface and then have toy blocks clipped on to it. If you missed out, don't stress — it'll be in stores in Australia soon enough.