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Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks is one of the internet's most talented amateur LEGO builders; there's a good reason LEGO turned his working Labyrinth maze into an official set. He hasn't let the fame go to his head, however. He continues to build and share amazing LEGO creations, such as this delightful Death Star trench run animated sculpture.

After a brief holiday hiatus, Toy Aisle makes its triumphant return with an exclusive first look at a new collectable from DC Comics that fans of The New Teen Titans will want to start saving for. We also have the easiest way to build your own ship-in-a-bottle courtesy of LEGO, and something for Star Trek: Discovery fans looking to recreate epic Federation vs. Klingon space battles at their desks, instead of actually working.

A little over a year after len_d69's custom Lego Voltron set was submitted to the Lego Ideas platform, the toymaker has officially decided to put it into production after the fantastic model of the five transforming robots from the original animated series successfully received 10,000 votes of support from fans.

Hot on the heels of Hidden Figures' recent Academy Award nominations, including one for best picture, LEGO has just revealed the next fan-designed set it's officially putting into production, and it also celebrates women who have played key roles in the history of the US space program.

LEGO Ideas lets amateur builders not only share their creations with the world, but also have the opportunity for them to be realised as real sets. But each submission needs 10,000 supporting votes before it's even considered, so let's make sure this stunning LEGO Voltron gets closer to reality.