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Black Mirror is about the twist. That's not how the show started, but it's now its hallmark. So any time you watch an episode of the technology-obsessed anthology series, the anticipation that something will almost certainly go wrong at any minute is excruciating. And it's even worse when the episode is "San Junipero", and focused on a tender romance unfolding between Yorkie and Kelly.

There's this time between realising you're gay and saying you're gay that we don't see a lot in media. Usually a character goes straight from "holy crap" to making out with someone in the course of an episode -- sometimes in the course of a single scene. And so when they actually announce they're gay, it can be anti-climatic.

Star Trek could have been gayer. But in the '80s I didn't care. I was twee and my biggest Star Trek concern in 1987 was where the hell Sulu and Uhura were and why was there a small bald British man wearing a red shirt on the bridge. But later... later I wanted to know where the gay was. Stuff close to my heart, you know?