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During the Moto3 race at the MotoGP World Championship's French Grand Prix over the weekend, it was almost like some sort of weird, hypnotic spell had been put on the field. As if prompted, a huge group of riders began solo slides into a gravel trap along the race course in an almost surreal fashion.

The 1980s and '90s rivalry between Wayne Rainey and Kevin Schwantz was one of the greatest in the history of motorcycle racing. With his hot lapping days behind him now, he instead runs the MotoAmerica series, where he wants to see the same fierce competitive energy in up-and-coming riders. And it's starting to look like he'll get his wish.

The 2017 Alta Redshift MX may be a high-end, high-tech electric dirt bike, but it's not afraid to get down and dirty. I know this because I crashed a brand new one on a Florida motocross track, and it didn't even flinch. Actually, it didn't even stall. I could get used to this "electric dirt bike" thing.