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It's never been a worse time for your wallet if you have a predilection for buying rad toys and pop culture merchandise. There are so many cool things around, we are starting Toy Aisle: a brand new weekly column of the best and newest toys and collectibles. We're kicking off with a very fancy Spider-Gwen, Plush Lego, and more!


If you find your kitchen counters cluttered with food-specific gadgets and appliances, you finally have a good reason to get rid of them all. The culinary innovators at Nostalgia Electrics have created the only thing you'll ever need: The Bacon Express, a toaster that cooks delicious slices of pork instead of bread.


A cake server is the perfect tool for getting a slice of cake or pie off a serving platter, but how do you then get the dessert safely onto a plate so it's worthy of an Instagram share? With the CakeDozer server, which physically bulldozes it clean off with the push of your thumb.


Video: Here's something for you to think about when you've run out of things to think about. If scissors became sentient, would they still want to be scissors? I mean, they have been forced to be executioners and act as mobile guillotines! Here's a short film from David Sandell showing a scissor escaping the life of being a scissor, with the help of other office supplies.


Video: This short film, The King Crab by Oscar Hudson, uses Rudyard Kipling's story, The Crab That Played with the Sea, as an inspiration to show how although a king crab can look fearsome and monstrous it is hardly as intimidating as it looks. Especially when the mighty king crab is doomed for the kitchen.