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John McAfee, the onetime chief of the security software company bearing his name and who has subsequently popped up in association with allegations of murder and rape in Belize, lying to the media, Securities and Exchange Commission investigations, bizarre presidential campaign videos and of course cryptocurrency, says someone managed to "spike something that I ingested."

John McAfee, the creator of the security software that bears his name, has gotten pretty weird over the many years of his ongoing "lunacy binge". Just a handful of the times McAfee's name has popped up in the news in the past few years include allegations of rape, torture and assassinations during his time as an expat in Belize, blatant lies to the media about his supposed encryption-breaking abilities and an ill-advised and confusing run for the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.

While almost nobody needs a panini press that can sign into Twitter, the powers that be clearly believe otherwise, adding internet connectivity to many of the pleasantly dumb devices that used to populate our homes. This raises a number of obvious security concerns and one equally serious, but far less discussed issue: Porn on everything, always.

John McAfee, anti-virus software founder, current US presidential candidate and one-time murder suspect, recently announced his involvement with a company called MGT Capital Investments. Just before McAfee announced joining the company on May 9, MGT stock was worth just 36 cents ($0.50). The stock price has since skyrocketed to as high as $US5.38 ($7). That's a 1394 per cent increase, boosting the company's valuation by about $US74 million ($102.5 million). Hmmm.