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Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks is one of the internet's most talented amateur LEGO builders; there's a good reason LEGO turned his working Labyrinth maze into an official set. He hasn't let the fame go to his head, however. He continues to build and share amazing LEGO creations, such as this delightful Death Star trench run animated sculpture.

Video: There are some typing enthusiasts out there who are very, very picky about their keyboards. They will go to great lengths to customise every last feature and function so it feels perfect under their fingers. Or, in the case of LEGO master builder Jason Allemann, they will instead use the world's most famous plastic bricks to create a truly unique typing experience.

Video: The lead up to Halloween is one of the best times of the year, with spooky parties, scary movies, and copious amounts of cheap lollies in stores. But Halloween night, when you're constantly running to the door to give away your coveted chocolate stocks, is less enjoyable. So why not build a LEGO robot to deal with trick-or-treaters instead?

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, our roundup of the most interesting toys we've seen this week. It's a Guardians of the Galaxy blowout as we have life-sized Groots, creepy plush Groots and a fancy cassette player. But wait, there's more -- including a very swanky David Bowie figure and a very large Iron Man. Check it out!