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There’s a good movie in Robin Hood somewhere, hidden underneath that hood. Actually, I take that back—not a good movie, but a fun one. A film that coasts on Taron Egerton’s undeniable charisma, lets Ben Mendelsohn’s teeth rot from too much scenery chewing, and doesn’t care about the fact that it’s so historically inaccurate it exists outside of time itself. I wanted so much for Robin Hood to be that movie. It is not that movie.

The trailers for the new Robin Hood movie feature archery stunts that appear to have some heavy CGI assistance. But, according to a new video released by Robin Hood’s archery consultant, Lars Andersen, many of those seemingly impossible stunts were not only real, but also pulled from history.

However, there are a few reasons to call that claim into question. Are y’all ready for some archery drama?

When the world first met Jamie Foxx, he was doing weird, out there comedy. He's since evolved into an Oscar-winning actor -- but an upcoming role will bring him back to that space. He's in early talks to star in The Happytime Murders, an R-rated puppet comedy produced by the Jim Henson Company.