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I saw another report today of someone on a bicycle getting doored into traffic and dying. It’s common practise to simply fling your door open as you’re getting out of the car. It’s common enough that there’s a trope in television and movies of opening your door in a busy city and then it gets blown off by a passing bus.

Well, if a cyclist hits that same door, they’re going down heavier than a sack of potatoes, and potentially into the path of a passing bus. Sure it wasn’t your intent, but that cyclist is dead now.

If you look at the news coming out of Tesla over the last year or so, it’s obvious that the company is desperately trying to find ways to decrease operating costs. Whether it’s by closing down dealerships, publicly dismissing LIDAR because it’s too expensive, allegedly attempting to block worker’s comp cases, or laying off 9% of its workforce last June and a further 7% this January.

Like meeting a stranger in a strange place, this circle track legends car has been converted to compete in short narrow hillclimb events in the UK. Instead of howling around a short dirt oval ever turning in one direction, this freed beast shouts its way up a sub-1-minute course. In the video below you can see just how frantic the experience of driving one of these can actually be.

For some, the Aston Martin DB5 is the single coolest car to have ever put rubber to tarmac. Made famous by Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond, the DB5 has indelible link with Ian Fleming’s super smooth spy. And it’s one of the more famous examples of “cars with gadgets” thanks to Goldfinger, where it offered neat ways to dispatch henchmen on a mission to off him on the fly. Now some of those gadgets will be a reality, and here’s how.

The idea of a $200,000+ luxury car like the Bentley Continental GT being chopped up and turned into a tank tickles the most primal of our human fancies, which is why so many are watching this video of the luxury “Ultratank” bombing through dirt and over jumps. But more fascinating than that are the videos showing how the Russian mechanics actually built the contraption. It’s extremely impressive.

Traffic is bad in many parts of the world, especially in one of the most congested city in the world: Mexico City. On average, people there apparently gain an additional 59 minutes of travel time a day, which adds up to an extra 227 hours per year. So, Burger King naturally decided that this is the next demographic to target.

Ukranian automaker ZAZ, the builders of the Soviet Union’s first real “people’s car,” has been having a rough go for the past few years. After being fire-sale’d for just $13 million dollars just a couple of years ago, ZAZ is again in bankruptcy, and is once again putting all its property and facilities up for sale. It’s sad for us few fans of their old, pleasingly homely little cars, but great news for you bored rich people out there who’ve always wanted your own car company.

Imagine how much time a company could save if its employees could collaborate remotely with people around the world in real time. That’s the idea behind Ford’s collaboration with 3D VR tool Gravity Sketch, a first in the automotive industry.

Sometimes it is amazing the level of competition that some humans will dedicate themselves to. There are some who would spend a lifetime training to ride a horse really fast in a circle, or drive a car really fast in a circle. There are others still who have trained to become the best tram conductors in Europe. As such, there was a competition this weekend in Brussels wherein tram operators from all over Europe come to compete in a series of tram-based challenges. Tram bowling is but one of the challenges, though unequivocally the best of them.

Over the weekend the unofficial “May the fourth be with you" Star Wars day happened. I don’t really need a reason to nerd out about one of my favourite film series in cinematic history, so any excuse is as good as any other, I suppose. Which is why I’m going to argue that Rey’s salvaging speeder on Jakku, as seen in the 2015 film The Force Awakens, is the most bad arse mode of transport in the whole of the Star Wars universe.