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Our self-driving car future may be farther away than the hype suggests. Besides Tesla, self-driving car developers depend on an expensive piece of technology called LIDAR, a laser-based radar that allows an autonomous vehicle to see the road. There are cheaper options, but the MIT Technology Review explains that these more-affordable solutions won't deliver the kind of data that's necessary for self-driving cars to operate at highway speeds.


When all's said and done, Volkwsagen's never-ending Dieselgate saga may be seen as the tip of the iceberg, and not just an explosive revelation from an automaker that explicitly set out to cheat. Several automakers have been ensnared in accusations of diesel cheating and now, in Germany, Porsche has to recall 22,000 Cayennes for allegedly equipping the vehicles with illegal software to skirt emissions test.


A slew of recent news related to airline and rideshare companies tapping into biometric identification — like fingerprints, faces, other unique body parts — seems like it just means an easier way to board your flight. But beyond the surface, giving corporations and the government this much access to sensitive data poses a major privacy threat.


Elon Musk awoke today with the intention of sending Twitter into a frenzy by declaring that he received "verbal govt approval" to build a Hyperloop in the densest part of the United States, between New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

This is dumb, it's not how things work, and requires, uh, actual government approval. We reached out to the, uh, actual government to see if this is legit.


It took more than 50 years for Steven Weber's father to tell his son he loved him. By the time he said the words, Steven's father was overcome with dementia, living out his final days wheelchair-bound. Yet Steven's father is the reason he bought the '68 Camaro back in 1973. It's the reason he's held onto it all these years. And it's one of the reasons it will be such a momentous occasion when he passes it on to his son, which will be soon — perhaps sooner than Steven had expected.


It's Independence Day weekend, meaning thousands of Americans will drive cross-country. And many of us will wind up on the shoulder of the road next to a car with steam billowing from its hood. If you're one of these sad bastards, here's what you do.