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For as much hype as GM's 'production ready' driverless, control-free car has gotten, both from GM themselves and the media, you'd think they'd have bothered to make something that looks like they, you know, thought about it for more than an afternoon. Sure, the tech is impressive, but the design is terrible, and hopefully will not be a sign of things to come for autonomous vehicles.


So much about Henrik Fisker's EMotion concept unveiled at CES this year is both exciting and, for now at least, almost completely untested. Those eye-catching butterfly doors, for example? Fisker still has to figure out how to produce them at scale. He still, also, needs to get a factory. And then there's the battery, a version of which Fisker says will ultimately have a range of 805km or more, though we might not see that one for years.


I (Erik here) have never been to Las Vegas, which I'm told is both kind of exhilarating in addition to being extremely bleak. Strangely, I've been told the same thing about CES, which I'll be in Vegas to cover this year. Here's the car stuff I'm excited about!


If there's one thing that came sharply into focus this year, it's that most of the automotive industry has bought into the idea that autonomous and electric cars are the way of the future. Notice I said the word "idea" there - exactly how that future will look, whether buyers will embrace it and how it will make money are all still up in the air.


Most of us definitely haven't thought about what a car would do if we put other liquids in an engine that runs on petrol. But cars are running on all kinds of stuff these days, right? Like electricity, and so on? That's what I hear. It's worth a try to put Coke in the tank, in case fuel prices go up and we all get desperate.


Ever since General Motors rolled out the latest game plan for self-driving cars earlier this month, I haven't been able to shake a line that CEO Mary Barra, among others, offered up: The carmaker's vision of an autonomous future, she said, is for traffic crashes to be a thing of the past.