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If you'd asked me three years ago which wireless earbuds to buy for the gym, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed. The entire category was so hilariously bad back then, how could I recommend anything? Well let me tell you friend: a lot has changed in the best of ways.


Get you some headphones that can do both: small, portable in-ears that you can carry with you everywhere and block out the world with on your commute, and secure, capable headphones that you can wear to the gym and blast out your favourite workout tunes. Jabra's Elite Sport are wireless in-ear headphones that compete with Apple's AirPods for size and portability, but they also track your workouts and heart rate and give you an idea of how your fitness is evolving.


Fathers Day isn't too far away, so you'd better start thinking of a good present. Luckily, we've put together a few high-tech lists to help you out. If your Dad is a bit of a healthy living fan, here are 10 fitness gadgets that you can help him lose weight with.


The public vision of any triathlete is that it's all bulging muscles, seriously hardcore events, sunshine and the occasional dip into a pool of Nutri-Grain for poorly-defined reasons. As world champion Craig Alexander explained yesterday, there's quite a bit of technology that goes into it as well.


You know those jerks that walk around with little satellites coming out of their ears, feeling all superior? Well, you could be one of them! And why not be be the most superior one, with the most superior headset?


The Jabra Freeway Speakerphone is the first of its Bluetooth speakerphone brethren to use a three speaker-system to pump out Virtual Surround Sound via Bluetooth. It's smart too, the Freeway automatically turns on when a car door is open and pairs itself with the driver's phone.


Bluetooth technology really is handy and wonderful. Wearing Bluetooth headsets, though, can be a bit of a fashion and comfort nightmare. Enter the Jabra Clipper, which discretely gives any pair of 3.5mm headphones the Power of Bluetooth.