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Apple's slightly overdue update to iTunes is out. Finally. It's a sizeable re-imagining of a piece of software used by a massive amount of people. So you should probably take a minute or two to acquaint yourself with the new stuff. Here's what's changed.


You know, I had almost forgotten about iTunes 11. Apple promised to overhaul the way we use its jukebox software months ago, and we haven't heard a peep about it since then. A leaked email, purportedly from Apple, points to Cupertino shipping the new software in a few short days.


Apple today announced iTunes 11, and it appears to be a huge update with a totally new look. To tide you over until its October release, Apple has just released iTunes 10.7, which includes support for iOS 6 and new iPod Nanos and Shuffles. It's a smaller albeit necessary update that we know will be followed in a few weeks by the big one.