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Last week iRex promised that a "new era in digital reading" would begin on the 22nd. While the new 1000 series isn't exactly a "new era," iRex has been in the e-reader biz since the beginning and their new lineup is certainly worth checking out. Available in 1000, 1000s and 1000SW flavors, the new iRex devices deliver a 10.2-inch b&w e-ink display with both the 1000s and SW sporting a stylus. The 1000SW also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. The 1000 and 1000S are priced at $US649 and $US749 respectively—and although the SW is not yet live on in the iRex shop, expect to pay around $US900 for the luxury of wireless connectivity.


There are no real details yet, but the e-reader company iRex has a teaser site up promising to unveil a "new era in digital reading" on September 22nd. We're not sure what kind of improvements they're going to make on their iLiad reader to make it worthwhile in this current market. Obviously, they are going to need to try pretty hard in order to take on the likes of Amazon's Kindle. Alright iRex...WOW me!