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The federal government has decided to put the internet filter on the back burner until after the election. While they try and sort out the current classifications system, Telstra, Optus and iPrimus have all started voluntarily blocking known child porn websites. The question now is whether that's all we really need?


While the rest of the country sits back and waits for the NBN to be built and 100Mbps broadband to be delivered to our front door, iPrimus is busy telling the world that they're anticipating to start selling services using the NBN in Tasmania from the middle of the year.


Riiight... This whole ISP-level filter thing is becoming an even bigger joke than we'd previously thought. Not only did the government only select half a dozen tiny ISPs to trial the effectiveness of their filter technology (ignoring the fact that the country's second and third largest ISPs were prepared to play along to give some meaningful data), but the largest of the selected ISPs is going to trial the filter as an opt-in option for customers. iPrimus announced yesterday that they would begin trials in late April or early May, and that the process would be on "an opt-in basis and customer participation will be totally voluntary. The ability for the customer to opt-in to the trial provides them ultimate freedom over their internet experience."


Great news today for fans of the ABC's iView VOD service, with not one, but two ISPs announcing that they're offering iView content as unmetered downloads. Both Internode and iPrimus join iiNet in offering the national broadcaster's video on demand service, where you can watch any of the six channels available. Now we just need all the other ISPs to follow suit, and add iTunes downloads to the unmetered list as well...


The biggest fear for any mobile road warrior out there using a wireless internet connection from one of the Telcos is that if you exceed your data quota for a month, your next bill will probably come packaged with a taser so you can shock yourself out of the wallet-sickening stupor.

The good news is that iPrimus yesterday broke trend with the rest of the mobile broadband providing networks by offering services that shape your data speeds rather than charge you excess, something ADSL has been offering for years.