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Trumped only by the time-travelling Delorean itself as the greatest movie plot device of all time, the copy of Grays Sport Almanac that put the events of Back to the Future II into motion can now be yours — as an iPad case. Gone are the pages and pages of sports scores and statistics, not that they'd be any good to you for predicting the future anyways, because they only go up to the year 2000.


If you're worried about friends, family or co-workers breaking or even scuffing up your new iPad Mini, this heavy-duty acrylic security base is reminiscent of what Apple uses to protect its hardware in its stores. Made from clear acrylic that's over an inch thick at one end, the case can even be secured to a surface with an adhesive backing or tamper-proof screws. So there's little risk of theft too.


If you're using a touchscreen device for any kind of serious work, a physical keyboard is a must-have accessory. It's no different for the new iPad mini, although at just 7.78 inches wide when used in landscape mode, this new Bluetooth keyboard case from Zagg is probably going to feel a little cramped.


I love the pattern on these iPhone/iPad cases from Kenzo's Spring/Summer 2012 collection. I especially like them because you can rock the same print on a pair of limited edition Vans.