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All done with the iPhone 6 now, yeah? Good, as it's time to look forward to Apple's new iPads instead. The iPad Air, introduced last October, was a significant change for Apple's tablet line, which (while making it slightly easier to imagine what to expect from the next model) makes it more difficult to guess what ground-breaking changes could be in store. Apple gets its money worth from redesigns, and it may be too early for anything dramatic.

Samsung has won a patent battle against Apple that could see the iPhone 4 and 3G iPad 2 banned from sale in the US. The legal fight was centred on a patent relating to 3G standards, which Samsung has pledged to licence freely, reports The Guardian.

Apple's notorious for the level of control it wants to exert over its products, so I can't imagine that folks in Cupertino will be happy that the new iPad has emerged a few days early. We'd already seen video and stills from Vietnam, and now Hong Kong is getting in on the action.

Giz AU hit the keyboards (and coffee machine) from 4:30am this morning to kick off our meta-liveblog, bringing you the best live coverage of Apple's new iPad, Apple TV and various other shiny new things. Here's everything you need to know, including the full play-by-play of each announcement.

The iPad 3 is coming next week -- or at least, something's being announced by Apple next week, most likely the iPad 3. Does that mean it's the perfect time to pick up an iPad 2? Gus over at Lifehacker's pondered the variables based on what we know right now.