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The only thing cooler than a volcano is an ice volcano, obviously. Scientists think they have spotted these mounds of icy rock -- called cryovolcanoes -- on many moons, such as Triton, Europa, Titan and demoted planet Pluto (sorry, Pluto). Perhaps the strangest one of all is Ahuna Mons, a solitary ice giant half the size of Mount Everest, located on the dwarf planet Ceres. But a new study suggests Ahuna Mons might not have always been the loneliest (ice) volcano in the solar system.

On a lonely, cratered plain near the equator of dwarf planet Ceres, a mountain half the height of Everest spirals into an airless abyss. A few hundred million years ago, briny ice lavas from deep beneath the surface pushed Ahuna Mons up, freezing again as they oozed across the mountain's rugged peak.