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Israel doesn't get on too well with its Arab neighbours, and the threat of annihilation by ballistic missile is always present. To defend itself against this potential threat, Israel has built an Iron Dome-like defence system that covers the entire nation. But if this system can exo-atmospherically neutralise incoming ICBM's, what's to keep it from shooting passing satellites clean out of the sky?


DARPA has a plan called Prompt Global Strike that'll knock out any terrorist target within an hour using a remote aircraft. Sounds great, except the first trial of this advanced weapon failed miserably. The defence agency now has one more try to get it right or the project will be canceled.


Defence Secretary Robert Gates has made a startling revelation today. The US has long-range missiles armed with high-power-but-non-nuclear explosives ready for a global strike. The (big) problem: China and Russia won't be able to distinguish between nuclear and non-nuclear ICBMs.